eZip Trailz Review

The Currie eZip Trailz is one of the most affordable entry level ebikes around. it is also one of the most common and enduring models.

The bike has a 450 Watt motor which is pretty powerful and provides a decent amount of torque and works well in PAS (pedal assist mode) and TAG (twist and go mode). The motor is connected to the rear wheel and drives independently from rider pedaling action.We can pedal at any speed according to our wishes, fast or slow.  And, we can pick gears that fit our desired level of effort and speed.

This is a huge benefit over some fixed mid-drive systems that require ua to work with the motor at set gear ratios. Since all of the drive energy is going into the rear wheel the front of the bike is easier to handle. And finally, its lead acid batteries are less expensive, more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle than lithium. Read the complete review from

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