eZip Skyline Review

The eZip Skyline bike is designed by Currie, which is one of the leading international ebike brands. It’s an affordable entry level ebike that’s one step up from the eZip Trailz, and is available in low-step and high-step frame designs.

The real centerpiece of the eZip Skyline offering is the removable Lithium-ion battery pack that mounts just behind the seatpost and provides good range and durability. The battery pack is well protected, positioned inside the tubing that supports the rear wheel, and yet still easy to access. It can be charged on or off the bike. The bike uses a 250 watt motor with a 24 volt battery pack which offers 10 amp hours of power.The top speed achievable is 15 miles per hour in throttle mode.This bike offers both pedal assist and twist throttle mode.

Some notable features of the bike are: larger tires are extra thick to resist thorns, a soft seat that provides added comfort, and  a great single-sided kickstand  that works well and stays out of the way. One drawback of the bike is that for larger riders this bike may not be a perfect fit, due to the smaller motor. Replacement battery packs, motors, chains and other parts can be found online, through local electric bike shops, or from Currie directly to help service the bike.Read the complete review from

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