EZ Pedaler T300 Review

The EZ Pedaler T300 is a well rounded and fully featured entry level electric bike in terms of performance, but it also offers a lot of comfort. The bike has built in pedal assist mode which lets the rider pedal along with the motor, significantly improving climbing power and range.

From the name of the bike(T300 ), we can guess how powerful the front hub motor is. The bike uses a strong 300 watt front hub motor with 36 volt Lithium-ion battery. The battery on the T300 is lightweight, powerful and it offers 12 amp hours of capacity. It’s enclosed in aluminum shell and protected by the bicycle frame tubing on all sides.

Pedal assist mode of the bike works very well and it can be used in conjunction with throttle! The chain guard is nice and they used an internal gearing system on the rear hub because this allows us to change gears at stop and avoid some of the wear and tuning issues that external derailleurs can have. Chain protector and fenders are great for keeping riders clean. The low center of gravity, step-through design is easy to mount. Oversized tires absorb bumps and compliment the front shock and sprung seat nicely. Other creature comforts include a built in front light and a AA powered rear light. Read the complete review from

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