EZ Pedaler F300 Review

The EZ Pedaler is a folding electric bike with a front shock built in for comfort.Not only does it have a front shock, it also has a sprung seat. This is a big deal to riders because folding bikes aren’t usually that comfortable. The smaller radius wheels don’t tend to smooth over cracks and bumps very well!

The bike has a powerful 250 watt motor with 36 volt Lithium-ion battery pack. The motor and battery for this bike work very well together and offer quite a bit of power and range for a folding bike. It’s strong enough to take on smaller hills but struggles with larger riders or increasing headwinds. The battery can endure over 1,000 cycles per charge and provide with 10 amp hour range which is enough to easily reach 20 miles with throttle mode. One interesting thing about the bike is that the throttle mode and pedal assist mode can be used at the same time.

If anyone is looking for a solid folding electric bike that won’t break the bank, the EZ Pedaler F300 would be a great option to consider. Another favorite part about the bike is the front shock but that does add weight. The total weight of the bike is 52 lbs (23.59 kg), which is heavier than most folding ebikes. One drawback of the bike is that,it has no chain guard to keep pants clean when riding. Read the complete review from

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