EZ Pedaler C350 Review

The EZ Pedaler C350 is a well rounded and feature rich bike in terms of performance, but it also offers a lot of comfort. The C stands for “cruiser” and signals the relaxed upright positioning and high top bar.

The C350 name on this bike signifies how powerful the front hub motor is, 350 watts. The 350 watt motor on this bike is geared which allows it to provide extra torque for hills and windier conditions. The battery delivers 36 volts of power and 12 amp hours of capacity, providing about 25 miles per charge in non pedal assist mode. In addition to pedal assist mode, this bike features a small thumb throttle on the right handlebar.

The price is in line with similar bikes from other leading brands and the quality is good. Some nice features of the bike are:chain protector and fenders are great for keeping us clean when riding, over sized tires absorb bumps and compliment the front shock and sprung seat nicely. Pedal assist has an on-off switch that allows us to use both the throttle and pedal assist at the same time. One drawback of the bike is that, the basic pedals offer small surface area and can get slippery in wet riding conditions. Read the complete review from

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