EZ Pedaler C300 Review

The EZ Pedaler C300 is a feature rich entry level ebike that delivers average performance and offers pedal assist and throttle mode. The C stands for “cruiser” and signals the relaxed upright positioning and high top bar. From the name C300,we can guess how powerful the front hub motor is, 300 watts.

The bike has a 300 watt hub motor paired with 36 volt Lithium-ion battery pack which allows it to provide extra torque for hills and windier conditions. The battery delivers 36 volts of power and 12 amp hours of capacity, providing about 25 miles per charge in non pedal assist mode.  At the same time, the battery is lightweight and powerful. The battery is enclosed in an aluminum shell and protected by the bicycle frame tubing on all sides and it is also completely removable.

The EZ Pedaler C300 offers a lot of comfort. There’s a nice chain guard and fenders to keep pants clean and dry. Although the bike only offers three gears, It is enough for most riding up to 20 mph which is the top speed of the bike in electric mode. Oversized,soft tires absorb bumps and compliment the front shock and sprung seat nicely. Upright positioning is easy on the back and keeps rider’s view up and alert.One interesting feature of the bike is that, the pedal assist can be used in conjunction with throttle or turned off! Read the complete review from

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