EV Global Motors ebike SX Review

The ebike SX is a high powered, feature rich electric bike designed by Lee Iacocca who is famous for engineering the Ford Mustang and Ford Pinto cars. In 1999 he became the head of EV Global Motors, a company formed to develop and market electric bikes in the US.

The battery pack on this bike was built right into the oversized downtube and consisted of a 36 volt 8 amp hour sealed Lead-acid pack.The bike has a powerful 500 watt motor capable of moving larger riders and ascending medium hills with pedal assistance. Ultra-bright front and rear headlights are very useful at night.

Front and rear fenders of this bike keep dust, mud and water away and front disc brake provides great stopping power in wet conditions.Total weight of the bike is 75 lbs (34.02 kg). The bike is o longer being produced. Read the complete review from

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