eProdigy Whistler Review

The eProdigy Whistler bike is made by eProdigy, an electric bike company based in Vancouver BC, Canada. The bike can be categorized as “mountain ebike” based on the tires and mid-sized shock. The bike uses mid-drive system that keeps the weight of the bike centered and low to the ground.

The bike has a 350 watt mid-mounted geared motor paired with a 37 volt Lithium-ion battery pack. This motor leverages the rear cassette for more torque or speed depending on the gear the rider picks. The battery is encased in an aluminum cylinder that mounts just like a water bottle would and is easily removable for charging on or off the bike. The battery provides 8.8 amp hours of power and the bike can run 30 miles per charge. The company offers two year warranty for the battery. One advantage of the mid-drive systems is that they make servicing the bike and changing flats much easier than on hub motor systems.

Disc brakes offer great stopping power and the price is reasonable with free shipping to US or Canadian buyers. Total weight of the bike is 46 lbs (21 kg). One drawback of the bike is that it has no built in lights and LCD display with speed, battery capacity or distance.
For someone who is looking for a lighter, well balanced bike that is actually fun to pedal around and more aggressive positioning, like a mountain bike,this bike could be the best fit.Read the complete review from

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