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Electric bikes make inroads in the U.S.

Even cancer could not stop Mike Brown from riding his bike!

A cancer diagnosis knocked Mike Brown off his feet three years ago and into a five-month hospital stay. He couldn’t walk 50 feet without the help of two nurses and a walker. He thought he would ever ride his beloved bicycle outdoors again. But the Trek bike fitted with an electric motor and battery helped him get riding again.

Trek and Raleigh are unveiling new designs for people who want some help getting down the bike path, or daily commuters who don’t want to arrive at work out of breath. The bikes are still a small portion of the bike market in the United States when compared to China or Europe. Report shows: 31 million e-bikes sold in China and 1.4 million sold in Europe in 2013.

Prices depends on the models of the bike- the Stromer starts at about $3,000, and other models can cost much more. Read full story here.

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