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Electric Bike Parts- An Overview of Replacement and Repair from the Experts at E-BikeKit™

Electric Bike Parts, what fits my older electric bike? What can I modify to fit my bike?
A brief overview of what electric bike parts do, and how generic electric bike parts can be adapted to your bike.
Hardly a day goes by without a call that goes about like this.  “I have a (whatever) electric bike that I used to ride 6 years ago. Now I need a new battery, or some other part”. Too often the vendor it was bought from is long gone, and often enough, the entire brand is history. Or it can be a conversion kit with no particular brand.  The vendor was just some Ebay seller who’s not able to supply parts, has no idea what he sold, etc.   Here at E-BikeKit, we do sell parts for our kits, but they don’t plug and play with other brands.  If nothing else, our plugs are not the same.  And speaking of plugs, 90% of the time, if an electric bike won’t go, it’s simply that a plug is loose or broken. Check all the wire and plugs before jumping to the conclusion you have a broken motor.  So what can be done if you need electric bike parts for an older e bike?

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