Electric Bicycles – 7 Expert Tips and Things to Consider

There are different types of electric bikes are available in market. They offer various types of extras and additional gadgets to attract us. But how to choose the right one? This question is especially relevant because the prices are quite steep.

Don’t worry. Court Rye, e-bike specialist and person behind the electricbikereview.com, gives his opinion, and key tips, on e-bikes.

1. When should you go for an e-bike?

E-bikes are particularly useful on hilly terrains, during strong winds or at high summer temperatures. They are also perfect for people who suffer from asthma, or have pain in joints, or elderly citizens, who would still like to be able to use a two-wheeler.

2. What type of e-bike is best?

By all means, if you have decided to go electric, your best bet is to invest in a purpose built e-bike, meaning an e-bike that has never been a different one. These are typically the lightest, toughest and more capable than any DIY model.

3. What is the typical price range?

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