Easy Motion Neo Street Review

The Neo Street is a fully featured electric bike made by Easy Motion, which is a division of BH Bicycles, a company that has been around since 1909. It’s a good news that the entire line of electric bikes from Easy Motion rely on the same battery, motor, controller and LCD computer which means that finding and replacing parts is easy and less expensive.

The bike includes nearly everything we could expect in a city style electric bike except for mounts to add a water bottle cage. It rides great and looks amazing. The Easy Motion Neo Street uses a custom battery pack that mounts to the downtube. The bike has a 350 watt motor with 36 volt battery pack which offers 9 amp hours of power. The LCD computer is easy to use and weather resistant. Also, both the motor and the LCD computer are removable.

Overall this bike is fun to ride. It’s smooth and comfortable because of the front shock, soft seat and swept back handlebars. It works very well. The manufacturer of the bike is a trusted brand that has a lot of experience with bikes and they really nailed it with the Neo Street. The price is also quite good and the two year battery warranty is hard to beat. The bike is light weight considering all of the features.Read the complete review from

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