Easy Motion Neo Race Review

In the world of electric bikes, most hardware is heavy, clunky and unbalanced but not the Neo Race. It’s stiff, light weight, and an extremely fast electric bike.

It’s made by Easy Motion which is a division of BH Bicycles, a company that has been around since 1909. What sets it apart are low center of gravity with integrated lithium ion battery pack, overall light weight, and an extensive warranty. In terms of power,the bike has a 350 watt brushless and geared motor with a 24 volt battery pack which offers 9 amp hours of power. The battery pack uses Samsung lithium cells which are known for reliability. That’s why BH offers a two year warranty with every bike!

The bike is smooth, silent and very capable in therms of range, torque and speed. The LCD controller unit lets us choose from four modes of pedal assist, lists speed and distance and is removable. The best part of this bike is the acceleration.For someone who loves speed, wants help with longer rides this bike could be a great fit.Read the complete review from

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