Easy Motion Neo Jumper Review

The Easy Motion Neo Jumper is one of the very few full suspension mountain bikes with very solid design. All of the electric bikes from Easy Motion uses the same battery, motor, controller and LCD computer. This keeps parts for all Easy Motion bikes easy to find.

The bike has a 350 watt geared motor with 36 volts battery pack which provides extra torque. The motor is efficient, quiet and smooth but the battery is what really lets it shine.It offers 36 volts of power and 9 amp hours of range providing up to 40 miles of ride if we use the pedal assist mode. One interesting thing about this battery pack is that it’s swappable with any of the packs from all of Easy Motion’s ebike line. Pedal assist is much more satisfying because the bike uses a torque sensor.

The supporting systems on this bike all tie together well and feel natural to use. The twist throttle on the right handlebar is intuitive. The hydraulic brakes are easy to pull and provide lots of stopping power with the front and rear disc brakes. Total weight of the bike is 48lbs. The bike looks great, is relatively light, rides smooth and well balanced. LCD computer unit is very intuitive and removable for safe storage. Finally,for off road riding, this is perfect. Read the complete review from

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