Easy Motion Neo Cross Review

The Easy Motion Neo Cross is a smooth, quiet, light weight and easy to handle cross-style electric bike, with torque sensing rear hub motor. It’s made by Easy Motion which is a division of BH Bicycles, a company that has been around since 1909.

This bike is more of a “rider’s” bike than a moped. It’s a good news that the entire line of electric bikes from Easy Motion relies on the same battery, motor, controller and LCD computer. This means that finding and replacing parts is easy and less expensive. In terms of power, the bike uses a 300 watt geared, rear hub motor. The Neo Cross uses a torque sensor rather than a simple rotation sensor to activate the motor when pedaling.  This makes acceleration more natural, encouraging the rider to keep going.

Some nice features of the bike are: the computer of the bike is easy to use, The pedals are nice and grip well, the paint looks fantastic and the wheels and brakes are very high quality. The battery is positioned low on the bike’s downtube, which distributes the weight evenly from front to rear. Read the complete review from

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