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E-motorcycles a new multi-billion $ market

A new IDTechEx report titled ‘Electric Motorcycles and Three Wheel Electric Vehicles 2015-2025’ has revealed that e-motorcycles and their three wheel derivatives are becoming a multi-billion dollar market.

Dr. Harrop, chairman of Cambridge technology thought leader IDTechEx, says major players are already pursuing the opportunity. Trefecta Mobility announced a military grade crossover e-bike/ e-motorcycle in March. Three closely related new electric vehicle markets due for take-off in 2015 are also analysed in the report. They are electric motorcycles, e-maxi scooters and electric three wheelers from e-rickshaws to disruptive new forms of car and car-like vehicle.

The report reveals how this emerging industry innovates rapidly. Most components are changing, new design rules will apply, and additional functions will be added such as multi-mode energy harvesting. According to Dr Harrop’s opinion, lithium-ion batteries will be used with twice the kWh per dollar or kg. Further range improvement will be achieved from improved energy harvesting to aerodynamics, structural components and new components such as SiC and GaN power semiconductors.

Read the full story here.

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