e-Mazing Innovations bob Review

The bob (Battery-Operated Bicycle) is one of the lightest weight, ultra-compact, folding electric bikes available anywhere. The bike is made by e-Mazing Innovations and it offers both pedal assist and throttle mode, besides its “instant fold” design lets us lift with one hand to automatically collapse the frame.

The bike has a 250 watt motor with a 36 volt Lithium-ion battery pack that provides 9 amp hours of range which is quite good for such a small bike. The battery is also removable. The diameter of the 12″ wheels is much smaller, so it offers more torque in conjunction with the standard 250 watt motor.

Some notable features of the bike are: it is surprisingly comfortable, available in several colors to match our style, it has great fenders and chain protector, and it is very light weight. For someone with limited space or a short gap in their commute on public transportation, this bike could be a good fit.One drawback of the bike is that,non-standard parts like the small 12″ wheels may be more difficult to find, replace and fix.Read the complete review from

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