e-Joe Epik Lite Review

The e-Joe Epik Lite is an affordable, light weight, well balanced folding electric bike. It’s a bike with a low center of gravity and offers both pedal assist and throttle mode! It comes in three colors which is fun and it’s just a functional bike that’s amazingly affordable.

Like most folding electric bikes, the Epik uses smaller sized geared motor located in the rear hub which is ideal for gaining traction.
The bike has a 350 watt motor.Top speed is limited at 15.5 miles per hour which is low compared with the 20mph legal limit for ebikes in the USA but that’s probably because the 20″ wheels are less stable at high speed. The bike has a 36 volt Lithium polymer battery pack that offers 7 amp hours of power. The battery pack is removable and can be charged on or off the bike.

The control system on the Epik Lite is very intuitive, easy to access when riding and includes all of the critical info we’ll need to enjoy the bike.The bike offers three levels of pedal assist in addition to a trigger throttle that can be used in conjunction with pedelec. Read the complete review from

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