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Did the CEO of Ducati really ride this electric conversion?

According to the story, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali was in town  and took the converted electric Ducati for a ride on a track, followed by an outing on a Zero SR. Beaming from the experience, Domenicali supposedly remarked that he had been convinced to work with Zero on an electric model.

The Bangkok Zero Motorcycles outlet also sells a number of other automotive and motorcycle brands, including Ducati. The motivation, it seems, came from one particular executive who is a pretty big EV fan himself.

Basically, it’s a Hypermotard gifted with the guts of a Zero FX. From what we understand, the idea was to catch customers’ attention with the established brand, then get their butts on the seat to introduce them to the electric experience. Patrons would then have an expanded choice. They could buy a Ducati as they may have planned and, perhaps, get a Zero as well.


Read the full story here.

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