Dahon Formula S18 Review

The Dahon Formula S18 is one of the lightest weight,well balanced and highest quality folding electric bikes. Originally this bike was called the E18 (E for electric) and it uses the BionX gearless motor and battery system.

Dahon, a leading folding bike company, knows how to make quality bicycle. In 2013 they teamed up with IZIP to create the E3 Compact but that bike used a rear rack battery and only offered one speed, whereas the Formula S18 delivers 18 speeds.The bike has a 350 watt gearless motor based on the SL-350 kit and built by BionX. The motor offers regenerative riding and braking functionality and coasts silently. The battery pack powering the S18 offers 48 volts of power with 6.6 amp hours of capacity.

Some mentionable features of the bike are:
1) This bike rides great, almost as well as a full sized city bike, and is still able to fold down to be relatively compact.
2) The pedals are aluminum so they stay stiffer when riding.
3) Full sized crank arms and metal pedals are responsive and comfortable.

For someone who is looking for a folding style ebike that can actually power up some hills and won’t struggle with extra weight, this could be the best fit.Read the complete review from

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