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Confusion Rising on Speed E-Bikes

E-bikes are popular or are becoming a trend in many European countries. But, the confusion on speed e-bikes is rising in more European countries.

National newspapers are reporting on a discussion whether or not that people riding speed e-bikes need an insurance. But it’s a good news that one industry insider has described this situation on speed e-bikes as very simple and clear-cut.

Brussels has decided that all electric two-wheelers that have over 250 watt motors that offer pedal-support over 25 km/h are under the L1 category. This means that they are considered to be mopeds. With that category type-approval, license plate, insurance, age limit and the obligation to wear a helmet becomes compulsory. In the Netherlands the government recently announced an obligation to wear a helmet when riding a speed e-bike. It must be a helmet that meets the standards laid down for motorcycle & moped helmets. Read the original story.

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