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David Pogue's E-Bike Roundup
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David Pogue takes a few ebikes out for a test ride in NYC and broadcasts it LIVE on Facebook. Check it out on the Yahoo Finance facebook page by

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Scanners will easily catch Tour de France mechanical doping cheaters.  In simple terms, the scanner will see the strong magnets in the motor. Read the full story here. by

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‘Art Bike’ Competition
Press release
Design and win a unique Juicy electric bike worth up to £1000
In celebration of the Peak District Summer of Cycling, Buxton-based electric bike company Juicy Bike is offering the fantastic opportunity for all budding art - and bike - enthusiasts out there to create a design to embellish a Juicy Bike frame.
The winning design will then be made in to a Juicy Bike electric bike, worth £1000, to be presented to the winner in the summer.
Juicy Bike is keen to see wild and wonderful ideas: rhinestones, decoupage, or just brilliant paintwork - let your imagination run free - but the bike must remain ride-able for the entry to be accepted.
Competition entry begins on Friday 7 March, and closes on Thursday 1 May. The winning entrant will then be given a bike frame on which to carry out their transformation, and in June, Juicy Bike will build the frame into an electric bike.
The winner will be revealed, and the Art Bike will be displayed for the first time, on Saturday 21 June at L’Eroica Britannia Festival in the Bakewell Show Ground, where the bike will be ridden in a lap of honour around parts of the race route in participating Derbyshire villages.
It will then displayed at the Cavendish Arcade during Buxton Festival and be part of the Buxton Carnival.
The winner will be presented their unique Juicy Bike at the end of the Buxton Festival in July.
Frame styles, plus baskets and panniers, can be seen on line at Silhouettes are also available to download on the Juicy Bike Facebook page.
Designs should be submitted on paper to, Juicy Bike, 5 the Colonnade Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 6SN, or by email to Terms and conditions below.

Try an Electric Bike, and it will change your life.  The Summit County e bike experiment proves it. It’s just so fun, and so practical, you start to hate driving your car. It’s addictive for sure, leading to wanting to ride more trips, and more distance per trip. Even if

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Electric bikes get over 500 mph equivalent. Really?  Yes, really.  A very interesting discussion of transportation efficiency by Zach Kapfil. Zach has been a design engineer involved with electric bike design and other projects that maximize efficiency, lowering the amounts of energy, water, and other resources used. This fascinating talk compares

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Actual cause, an overload of bluetooth RF signal at that spot in the city.    But the sudden stoppage of his board, inspired the rider to design a way to hack a bluetooth device that controlls an electric board.  RF interference still a big problem, if your bike or electric

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This quad by the French company Mcanorc takes it to a new level.  Literally, keeps the rider level on all terrain.  Yet when cornering, it leans like a bike too!  Amazing.  Powered by 4 independent hub motors, you know it’s got crazy torque. Like the NASA moon buggy. Read the

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Pedego electric bikes used by the Cincinnati Police.  Video interview with Cincinnati police, and Pedego representative. by

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The UpCycle Ecocharger, Pedal Power, The Pan Am Games, Chevrolet, and the #PowerOfPlay How the little guy worked with the big boys to innovate, delight, and inspire thousands! It Started Innocently Enough In late January, 2015, I got an email from a managing engineer from Chevrolet Canada, saying they were interested

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Latest version of the Greyp bike. It’s come a long way from the first prototype,  which was a hand built frame designed to carry 72v worth of lead acid cells.  Now this bike from the Croatian designer rivals or even exceeds the popular Stealth Bomber for sophisticated high power hub

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The specialized turbo is a pedal activated 250w mid drive e bike.   You can see in the video, the bike can climb a slope at slow speed. But you also see that pedelec can result in poor control of the motor power, resulting in awkward riding, and or crashes.

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