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Penn State Enactus, a club that seeks to promote social entrepreneurship by students, has launched their first project titled BYOB: Bring Your Own Bike. Project BYOB is an electric bike conversion effort to provide commuter transportation to lessen car traffic, improve the environment, and encourage individual health. The group has

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The Bicycle Industry Association estimates that around 680,000 vehicles will be sold by the end of 2017. This would represent double-digit growth of around 12% from last year. City folks in Germany are especially enjoying bikes and e-bikes as a means of transportation in the inner cities overloaded with car

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TerraTrike has announced the release of the new Rambler E.V.O., an electric-assist recumbent trike. Based around the Rambler model, the E.V.O. uses a 750-watt, five-phase motor.  Integrated into the rear wheel hub is a motor that provides a boost to pedaling through an embedded torque sensor. The design is lightweight,

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