BPSA initiative seeks model e-bike legislation in California, New York

 The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association has launched an ambitious initiative to pass model electric bicycle legislation in California and New York.

The BPSA’s e-bike committee, chaired by Currie Technology president and CEO Larry Pizzi, is seeking $300,000 from component suppliers, bike brands and retailers to underwrite the campaign. Pizzi said Thursday that the BPSA has already received $250,000 in pledges. He expects to meet the goal as a “few key industry players” commit to the campaign, and others increase their pledges.

In a letter to the industry, Pizzi noted that outdated, inconsistent state vehicle codes could hamper the emergence of the e-bike category.”An antiquated and patchwork regulatory environment threatens consumer confidence, retailer acceptance, and could cause market disruption just as significant use begins to take off,” Pizzi wrote.

The model legislation would create three classifications of e-bikes: pedal-assist bikes, like European pedelecs, where the motor provides power only while a cyclist is pedaling; throttle-assist bikes, which allow a rider to twist a motorcycle-type throttle for power even when not pedaling; and a new classification known as a speed pedelec.

Original story by Doug McClellan for Bicycle Retailer here.

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