Bodhi Step-Through Review

The Bodhi Step-Through is a beautifully designed “around town” kind of electric bike.This bike is available in 18″ and 20″ frame sizes for different rider body types.

The bike has a 250 watt motor with a 24 volt Lithium-ion battery pack.The battery offers 24 volts of power with 8.7 amp hours of range. Its bambu fenders and balanced hubs remind us of the higher end Faraday Porteur which has similar specs but is much lighter. Both of these bikes are perfect for afternoon rides in flat relaxed conditions.The bike offers both pedal assist and throttle mode and its integrated lights, fenders, adjustable neck and shock make it safe and comfortable.

The LCD computer unit on this bike is intuitive. The NuVinci “continuously variable” hub system replaces traditional chain rings on this bike and allows the rider to shift gears at standstill and choose from an “infinite” number of settings. The bike works fine but it could have been lighter and less expensive. One drawback of the bike is that,the throttle mode and pedal assist mode can’t both be used at the same time. Read the complete review from

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