Bodhi Sport Review

The Bodhi Sport is a great entry level electric bike for someone who appreciates a balanced frame and variable speed hub transmission. It’s fully featured electric bike with mid-level components and it is available in 20″ and 22″ frame sizes for different rider body types.

The Bodhi Sport is larger than Bodhi’s Step-Through electric bike. Both models have the same 250 watt hub motor, and use DiVinci continually variable transmissions in the back instead of chain rings and derailleurs.  They both cost the same amount. The main difference between them is that the Bodhi Sport uses a high-step frame and comes in larger sizes. The bike uses a 250 watt motor combined with 24 volt battery. This bike is not super powerful, but it gets the job done and works very well in pedal assist mode. The computer unit on this bike is large and mounted right in the center of the handlebars.

The integrated battery pack is well sealed and can be charged off of the bike. Some nice features are wires are integrated into the downtube, fenders with paint that matches the bike, and the grips are ergonomically designed and feel good. Also, the adjustable stem allows custom positioning of handlebars. There is an integrated front light.bOne drawback of the bike is that the overall weight (59 lbs) of the bike is higher than some others. Read the complete review from

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