Big Cat Phantom Review

The Big Cat Phantom is one of the more affordable electric bikes available at under $1,500. It includes mechanical disc brakes, LED lights, a twist throttle, and a basic pedal assist mode.

The bike has strong 350 watt geared motor with 36 volt battery pack which offers 8 amp hours of capacity. It’s powerful enough to move most riders but it may struggle to climb moderate hills or reach the 20mph top speed without a bit of pedaling help. The battery pack is removable which is helpful because it makes charging and storing inside much easier. There is an LED battery indicator which indicates how much battery is left and there’s a separate button on the left to activate the lights.

This bike is available in several color configurations with different accents and wheel highlights and the company offers one year warranty. Although the frame is heavy, the steel design reduces vibration and the larger knobby tires also feel good. Overall, the inclusion of a twist throttle and pedal assist mode along with LED lights and disc brakes for under $1,500 make this a decent option for people with more limited budgets.Read the complete review from

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