Big Cat NYC Cargo Bike Review

The Big Cat Cargo is one of the most affordable electric bikes available at under $1,000. It includes both twist throttle and a basic pedal assist mode along with LED lights and disc brakes.

The motor of the bike is a strong 350 watt geared design with good torque and efficient freewheeling. It’s light weight and powerful enough to move most riders but may struggle to climb moderate hills or reach the 20mph top speed without a bit of pedaling help. The bike uses a Lithium-ion battery pack and it offers 36 volts of power and 8 amp hours of capacity. The battery pack is also removable which is helpful for easier charging and transport.

The cockpit area of this bike is relatively simple and easy to use. After inserting the key into the battery pack and turning it to on, the bike is in pedal assist mode. The large front cargo rack can be very useful to those with larger things to carry. The fenders are nice and keep us dry and the bright yellow paint job on the bike makes it stand out.Read the complete review from

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