Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser Review

The Long Beach Cruiser is an affordable cruiser style electric bike, available at just under $1,500. It includes mechanical disc brakes, LED lights, suspension fork, twist throttle and also a basic pedal assist mode.

The bike is well balanced with a centrally located battery pack and comes with a front and rear LED light that run off the main battery pack. It has a strong 350 watt geared motor which provides decent torque and efficient freewheeling. The Lithium-ion battery pack on this bike offers 36 volts of power and 8 amp hours of capacity. The pack is removable which is helpful for charging and storing inside much easier.

It offers seven gears to choose from when riding, and it is comfortable on streets, dirt paths and going up moderate sized hills. The, step-thru design is easy to mount and easy to stand over when waiting at stop lights and stop signs. The company offers one year warranty which covers the motor and battery pack against factory defects.Total weight of the bike is 68 lbs (30.84 kg).Read the complete review from here.

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