Big Cat Hampton Folding Bike Review

The Big Cat Hampton is an entry level folding electric bike which is versatile and comfortable, with a basic suspension fork and ergonomic grips. For someone who is interested in a smaller bike that’s easier to store this could be a great fit.

The bike includes both twist throttle and a basic pedal assist mode. It uses a strong 350 watt geared motor which provides good torque. The motor is light weight and small so it doesn’t stand out compared to regular bikes.  The geared motor produces a bit of noise and can wear out faster than gearless, but should last several years. The Lithium-ion battery pack on this bike offers 36 volts of power and 8 amp hours of capacity. The battery pack is also removable, which is helpful for charging and storing inside.

The cockpit area of this bike is relatively simple and easy to use. After inserting the key into the battery pack and turning it to on, the bike is in one of three pedal assist levels.There is a LED battery indicator which indicates how much capacity is remaining.One drawback of the bike is that it is only available in one frame size (kind of medium) with low-step configuration.Read the complete review from

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