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Accell in the Netherlands Raises Retail Prices

Recently Accell Nederland BV has notified its dealers that it is raising the recommended retail prices for the bicycles made by the company under the Batavus, Sparta, Koga, Van Nicholas and Loekie brands.

Wouter Jager, MD Sales, Marketing and R&D, of Accell Nederland says, “The prices of all bicycles made by Batavus, Sparta, Koga, Van Nicholas and Loekie, 2015 models, will go up 5%.” Effective date of the new price is Friday 27 March. But the company disclosed that prices for bikes that are in back order will remain unchanged, as long as they are delivered before August 1, 2015. At Taipei Cycle Show prices were a much discussed matter because of the big drop of the euro value against the US dollar.

It is expected that next to Accell Group lots of other bike and P&A makers will also raise their prices. The next question is whether price hikes for bike and bike products will remain limited to 5%? Original story by Jack Oortwijn for Bike Europe. Read full story here.

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