A2B Velociti Review

The Velociti a wonderful bike. Its elegant frame looks professional and integrated fenders, chain guard and lights look great and work very well. It’s very quiet to ride, motor is smooth and nearly silent, nothing jingles on frame.

The bike has a 450 watt brushless and gearless rear hub motor with 10 volt 13.2 amp hour Lithium-ion battery and it offers plenty of power to zip around town. The battery provides great range, will last and is removable for charging or transport. A simple red, yellow green LED is built into the throttle grip to help guide users but doesn’t provide a whole lot of accuracy. The bike also has a built in daylight sensor and the two lights are powered off of the primary battery pack and linked together so it’s just one switch to deal with.

The bike does not offer pedal assist or computer options such as speed, battery capacity etc. Removable battery makes moving the bike easier (lighter) and charging more convenient.Once you’re ready to take this bike out for a ride you simply charge it, press the power button and twist the throttle,that’s all!. Read the complete review from here.

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