A2B Metro Review

The A2B Metro is one of the most iconic electric bikes and it’s fun to ride. The bike has a powerful, smooth and quiet 500 watt rear hub motor. The motor is brushless and gearless.

Its unique design is nice because unlike other electric bikes, forward positioned pedals, full suspension and comfort seat make this bike feel like a Vespa scooter. The best part about this bike is the seat and upright positioning. The seat is soft and comfortable, the handles are close so we don’t have to lean forward and strain our neck and back.

The battery is mounted inside the downtube. This positioning helps to distribute weight evenly from front to rear and keep the center of gravity low, making it natural to handle. One disadvantage here is that the battery is harder to remove for charging. Front and rear lights and computer display of the bike work well and look great. Read the complete review from

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