A2B Kuo Review

The Kuo is a light weight, affordable and feature rich folding electric bike. It is the lightest model in the A2B range, and it offers great features, a solid warranty and comes at a decent price point.

The bike has a a 250 watt geared hub motor in the rear paired with a 24 volt Lithium-ion battery pack which offers 9 amp hours of power. It works well on the flats and is better than having no motor at all, especially because it’s relatively lightweight at just under 40 lbs. It offers both twist throttle and pedal assist! The battery pack is well protected and it also removable.   The battery  can be charged on or off the bike.

Some notable features of the bike are:

  • The bike includes fenders to keep us dry when riding in wet conditions.
  • Don’t have to leave the keys in when riding.
  • Magnetic clasp keeps the bike folded for easier transport.

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