A tale of two bikes: A very pretty Faraday Porteur and a story that’s not so pretty

The Faraday Porteur is a pedelec rather than a full e-bike, giving us a boost when we need it. The battery of the bike is hidden in the downtube. The bike comes with high quality parts, an eight-speed shifter on the rear and a 250 watt motor on the front.

When we ride the bike without the e-assist, it feels like a very nice bike. When we engage the e-assist, it feels like flying. According to Kent Peterson, a bike blogger:”The Faraday Porteur is an amazing bicycle. It’s the only e-bike I’ve ridden that basically feels like a normal bike. It’s a bike where the weight of the electronics are so well integrated into the bike, you can easily forget they are there”. Court Rye, an e-bike specialist of Electric Bike Review has described it as one of the smoothest, quietest, most beautiful electric bikes. The bike is not cheap at $3500 but it looks worth every penny. A happy tale.

Then there is the Storm e-bike, now called the Sondors ebike after getting sued by the company that owned the name Storm. Original story by Lloyd Alter for TreeHugger.com. Read the full story here.

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