72 Hours With the Specialized Turbo E-Bike

The Specialized Turbo e-bike looks like a fun, stylish, flat-bar road bike. Sleek and sturdy alloy frame with Performance Geometry designed for high-speed riding.

The review of the bike is described below after spending three days in the hill-strewn beach town of Santa Barbara, California:

It was a 10-mile trip to the grocery store and back. The Turbo made the grocery-shopping trip more time-efficient than a traditional bike and more fun than driving.

The bike has an electric motor in the rear hub that helps pedaling the Turbo easy, and the bike accelerate smoothly. After holding down the power button for two seconds, the electric motor comes to life. Indicator lights show how much charge remains in the battery. A small screen also shows a trip odometer and the percentage of battery power remaining. The battery can be charged or of off the bike. The Turbo seems perfect for commuting with its comfortable, efficient rider position and speed, which Specialized says maxes out at 28 mph.

One drawback of the bike is that it does not include any built-in security measures, so we need at least a strong U-lock or chain to secure it outside during the day and to bring it indoors overnight. Read full story.

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