2014 IZIP E3 Peak Review

Unlike many other mid-drive electric mountain bikes, the E3 Peak offers both pedal assist and a start-throttle mode. Very few mid-drive systems can deliver both power and speed effectively. But the E3 Peak does this successfully!

The bike has a 350 watt mid-mounted geared motor which offers plenty of power in a configuration like this.Moreover, it offers high-torque, leverages rear cassette and makes servicing wheels and tires much easier. The E3 Peak can hit 6 mph in throttle mode or up to 28 mph with pedal assist. The bike has a 48 volt Lithium-ion battery pack that offers 8.7 amp hours of capacity. One advantage of the battery is that it locks to the bike, but is removable and can be charged separate from the bike.

Some highlights of the bike are:

  • The pedals are a stiff metal design with great attraction.
  • The wheels and seat come with quick release systems which makes it easier to change a flat or swap tires for city riding.
  • Aluminum chain guide keeps the chain on track and protects our pants when riding.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are perfect for technical off road riding, easy to activate with great power.

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