2014 IZIP E3 Dash Review

The IZIP E3 Dash is one of the best electric bikes in its class and price range. The coolest part about riding the E3 Dash is that it uses three sensors:torque, cadence and speed to deliver smooth and efficient assistance.

The bike uses a 500 watt gearless rear hub motor paired with a 48 volt battery pack that offers 8.7 amp hours of capacity. The motor offers throttle mode and torque-sensing pedal assist up to 28 miles per hour. It coasts silently and offers smooth torque-sensing assist with four modes of pedal assist to choose from. The interesting thing is, we can activate the throttle at any time while riding in pedal assist or switch into throttle mode only. Besides, the battery of the bike is removable for easy charging and mounted low to distribute weight and keep the bike balanced.

This bike fits well in bike racks, bus racks and even on your car rack due to the normal sized tires and straight top-tube. It offers a nine speed cassette which is just enough gears to have fun and keep shifting simple and disc brakes for excellent stopping power.
Overall, this bike offers a fun and affordable experience with a great warranty and large network of dealers who can offer support and test rides! Read the complete review from

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