2014 e-Joe Epik SE Review

The e-Joe Epik SE is an affordable, light weight, durable, well balanced and smooth folding electric bike with built in front suspension fork. It’s perfect for Rc bikeV trips, stowing on our boat or using in conjunction with a train or bus commute.

The bike has a strong 350 watt motor paired with a 36 volt Lithium-polymer battery pack. Most folding electric bikes use smaller sized motors, it keeps them light weight and easier to stow. That’s also the case for the Epik SE but the motor is fairly capable because it’s geared and located in the rear hub which is ideal for gaining traction. The battery provides 9 amp hours of power and it comes with a one year warranty. The battery pack is removable and can be charged on or off the bike.

Some nice features of the bike are:

  • The control system on the Epik SE is easy to access when riding and includes all of the critical info we’ll need to enjoy the bike.
  • Seven speed cassette provides lots of options for climbing and riding on varied terrain.
  • Avalable in four colors including racing green, bright red, light blue and black.
  • The bike is easy and fast to fold for storage, rides well when unfolded – doesn’t feel loose.

One drawback of the bike is that,top speed of the bike is only 15.5 mph.Read the complete review from

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