2013 Pedego Interceptor Review

The Pedego Interceptor bike is fun to ride and it comes in both step through and classic cantilever frame designs. It’s durable and takes the time tested Cruiser frame and components then adds 12v of extra power!

The bike has a powerful,brushless and gearless 500w motor with 48 volt Lithium battery.The battery used for the Interceptor is fully encased in aluminum includes a built in handle at the back for easy removal and can be charged on or off of the frame using the wall charger that comes with the bike. The bike has a comfortable seat with rubber bumpers and is available in leather and colored options. Moreover, modular electronics are easy to replace individually.

Actually anyone who can ride a bike can also ride this and be just fine. The bike does not offer pedal assist mode. It offers only 6 gears to choose from but simple design is tough and easy to ride. Riders will be sitting more upright and that’s nice for city riding, alleviating pressure on wrists, shoulders and neck. The Pedego Interceptor has one shortcoming: no lights built into the system. Overall, this bike is fun to ride and offers lots of power at a good pricepoint. Read the complete review from

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