2013 Pedego 24″ Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser Review

The Pedego 24″ Electric Bike was specifically designed for ladies. The bike is lighter than any other Pedego bike. It comes in several great colors.

The powerful,brushless non-geared 500w motor is built right into the rear hub , providing good torque and lots of power for hills and heavy loads. Unlike other lower end bikes, it creates a feeling of control and confidence.

The tires on this bike are extra large to help absorb bumps and cracks and also come pre-Slimed to help us deal with any thorns or glass. The seating position is more upright which eases our neck and shoulders when riding and also makes us taller. The seat is soft and has built in springs which also smoothes out the ride and makes it comfortable over long distances. The bike has no integrated lights or computer. It is one of the few small-sized electric bikes available from any company. Read the complete review from

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