2013 IZIP E3 Zuma Review

The E3 Zuma bike is solid, smooth, fast and fun to ride.It is sturdy, easy to use and rides more like a Cadillac than a sports car.

The bike has some nice features including Avid BB5 disc brakes, fully enclosed battery rack and chain guard etc. It has a powerful 500 watt geared rear hub motor paired with 36 volt Lithium-ion battery that offers good torque and speed.The battery delivers enough juice to move large riders easily and even climb medium sized hills. The bike has seven gears to choose from when pedaling.

Actually this bike feels more like a motorcycle than a mountain or road bike. The seat has built in springs to absorb bumps and the handlebars are swept back so we don’t have to lean forward to reach them. There are three LED lights (green, yellow and red) to display how much power is left. The bike is available in several fun colors to choose from including white, black, red, blue, green, yellow and silver.Read the complete review from

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