2013 IZIP E3 Metro Review

The IZIP E3 Metro is different from other IZIP electric bikes in two big ways. First, it offers a 500 watt geared hub motor. That’s a big step up from the 250 and 350 watt motors most of their bikes use. The second differentiating feature of this bike is the solid tubing and low mounted battery.

The bike has a strong 500 watt motor combined with a 36 volt Lithium battery pack. The motor is capable of moving heavier riders and heavier loads in the integrated racks.The battery pack offers 10 amp hours for range. In terms of power it may be average, but what really stands out is the year warranty! The bike has a fancy LCD computer that mounts right to the handlebars and tells us things like speed, range and time. Weight is distributed well front to rear with battery pack on the downtube.

There are several nice color choices to choose from, and the bike is available in step-through and high-step “diamond” style. One drawback of the bike is that,the battery is not removable and may be tricky to service or replace.Read the complete review from

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