2013 Grace Easy Review

The Grace Easy is a well balanced and beautiful bike that uses the BionX system but features a very uniquely integrated battery pack. It also features a belt drive system instead of a chain. It’s available in two colors with leather accents on Brooks saddle and grips.

The bike has a 350 watt gearless rear hub motor which offers regenerative braking and regen mode. The motor is very quiet, durable and smooth. It also has a secret inside, there are three gears to choose from in pedal mode that are actually built into the motor itself! This is very unique in the world of ebikes and worked pretty well. The bike has a 48 volts battery that provides 6.3 amp hours of power. The battery pack is also removable. Besides, BionX hub motor offers 3 internal gears for pedaling.

Highlights of the bike are:
1) Front and rear LED lights built in for safety, run off the main battery pack.
2) Optional rear rack and mudguard for increased utility.
3) Total weight of the bike is only 42 lbs (19.05 kg).

Overall,the bike is not as comfortable as a cruiser but it rides fast, coasts very well and is easy to park, carry or mount on a car or bus rack if we are traveling somewhere. Read the complete review from

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