2013 Evelo Aries Review

The EVELO Aries bike looks really cool and absorbs bumps with dual suspension. The bike was not built for speed, its motor is just 250 Watts which is low compared to ebikes of similar size and weight available in the USA. There are 8 gears total.

The bike offers suitable strength (36 Volts of power) and range (10 amp hour capacity). Most of the weight is positioned towards the back and that destabilizes the front, making it easier to slide out. In terms of style, the Aries resembles an off road motorcross bike with its wide front fender and angled rear rack.The bike has a decent computer for tracking speed and distance.The best part about the bike is it’s style. It just looks cool and despite the bounce, it is fun to take off road.

Although the price of the bike is not so high, the plastic battery container at the rear of the bike is not secured very well and bounces around quite a bit creating a lot of noise if not secured with extra zip-ties or other method. Read the complete review from

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