2013 Electra Townie Go Review

The Electra Townie Go bike offers a unique combination of style and simplicity. Overall the bike is comfortable, durable and stylish.

The Battery Management System is integrated into the rear battery pack. The torque sensor, speed sensor, controller and gear box are all integrated into the rear hub. This bike can take a 200 lb rider 37 miles per charge which is quite an accomplishment!

The Lithium ion battery pack is high quality and because this bike doesn’t have a throttle, the rider is required to constantly pedal in order to keep it going. This will extend the distance the rider can go on the battery. Total weight of the bike is only 52 pounds. Cables are integrated into the frame keeping the bike stylish and less vulnerable to snags. Electronic system of the bike is very simple,only has one switch on/off so we won’t be confused or distracted. Read the complete review from here.

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