2012 Yuba elMundo Review

Benjaman who grew up in France and worked in the bicycle industry in Germany, started the Yuba bike company. It is best known company for creating unique cargo bikes.

The Yuba elMundo provides a lot of add on options, such as a rear seat with seat post handlebar setup, running boards, giant panniers, tool boxes etc. The bike is equipped with a double sided kickstand that is super stable and very durable. The bike has a strong 500 watt front hub motor and 36 volts with 10 amp hours battery pack.

The chain system of the bike is super long due to the extended rear wheel and it’s positioned very low to the ground. It’s a bike that does pretty well on its own but was pieced together with an after market electric drive system that just doesn’t work to well. The bike has seven gears and there is no pedal assist option. Another downside of the bike is that the seat is hard, no shocks or springs on this bike so the ride can be uncomfortable. Read the complete review from

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