2012 Volton Alation 500 Review

The Volton Alation 500 bike is only available in one size, medium. It offers fun and quality. Total weight of the bike is 56 lbs (25.4 kg).

The computer display and control unit are easy to use and offer five levels of power assist or throttle mode. The midframe battery balances out the weight of the bike and makes it easy to lift and the 500w motor is so powerful we could easily ride uphill on off road trails without pedaling.

The bike is a lot like a mountain bike. The heart of this bike is really the 48 volt Lithium based Samsung battery mounted in the downtube. As far as performance, 48v is a lot of power and this battery offers 11ah of juice which means we can go 10% further than standard 10ah bikes. Battery pack is removable and can be charged off the bike. Read the complete review from

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